All about the layers

All about the layers

Why layering tables are so important?

Like any event, we start off with a blank canvas and add layer upon layer.

Some people are afraid of creating chaos, and avoid adding to many textures and elements to their design concept.

Whether you are inspired by a natural autumn palette (as seen in this beautiful shoot) or something more loud and bright, the same rules apply.



  1. Start the foundation of your design with a drapery that sets the tone for the theme.
  2. From here begin to add in statement pieces that start to tell the story and let your eyes wonder up and down the table.
  3.  Take a step back and see what spaces in the table need some addition and sift through intricate detailed elements. Elevate certain items using rises or tiles to create balance and movement along the tablescape.
  4.  Either add a tonal or contrasting harmonic sequence of tableware layers. This will include plate ware, cutlery, glassware, napkins and stationary.
  5. Add those final touches, or perhaps even remove elements to ensure you appreciate every single detail.
  6. Resulting in a work of art with both presence and emotion.


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